Community Midwife

Midwifery care includes prenatal, birth and postpartum care. To learn more about midwifery care for your planned homebirth, click on the picture below.

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Birth & Baby Education

Learning about birth and newborns before giving birth is a great way to prepare. For more information about childbirth education, click on the picture below.

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Montrice & birth doula

Birth doulas support families as non-clinical support. As a LM, I can provide clinical support for those planning a hospital birth who want support and clinical support, like intermittent fetal monitoring, l from a licensed care provider prior to going to the hospital . This is called montrice service.To learn more about  click on the picture below.


Lactation Counselor

Whether getting things off to a good start,  changing dynamics, or issues of pain or supply, don't delay in reaching out.  To learn more about Lactation counseling services click on the picture below.

A young mother is breastfeeding her newb


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