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    Midwifery Care Benefits 

  • Individualized care 


  • Hour-long prenatal visits allow for education, questions, and building caregiving relationships

  • All care with your midwife and her midwife partner


  • Early and frequent visits after your birth often available in your home 


Why midwifery care?


Midwifery is client centered. I focus on you and see pregnancy  as a natural, healthy, and normal event in life. Midwives provide guidance, support, evidence-based information, health  education and counseling, while monitoring the health of clients. Care is provided in a personally and culturally humble and appropriate ways throughout the childbearing year and into the postpartum period (Midwives Alliance of North America, n.d.). Midwives honor the client in this care model, with a healthy relationship that unfolds as naturally as possible, with as little intervention as necessary, and with increased satisfaction  (Janssen, P. A., Henderson, A. D. and Vedam, S. 2009).

Golden State Midwifery of Mendocino County brings this philosophy to all services offered.


What midwives do

Midwives are primary health care providers who specialize in women's health and pregnancy.  Midwives provide information and guidance so individuals can make informed choices about their own health. We believe continuity of care is important, so you will see one or two  midwives during the course of your care in most circumstances. We believe in quality of appointments and rarely keep our clients waiting . Our appointments are focused on you, the client. We monitor and assess health like other care providers and pride ourselves on educational aspects of our work . We attend pregnancy, labor and birth and see our clients many times over the first 6 weeks after birth for birthing folks and their babies to promote a smoother transition.  Midwives care.


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