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ABout Homebirth

When I decided to have my second child at home I was not sure what to expect. I looked around for a midwife and had called one that resonated with me only to find out that she was retired. I decided maybe I should just find a doula and have my baby in the hospital. I had met Alex through a pregnancy and postpartum group she had co-facilitated and called her about doula services. I was pleased to find out that she had just obtained her midwifery license and knew right away that she was the one I wanted to help bring my baby into the world. ( Tanya then hired Alex as her midwife).

Right from the start Alex’s warm and calm nature helped me and my family feel at ease and my daughter looked forward to helping take care of me with Alex, she even got to participate in taking my vitals. Alex has an easy going, grounded energy and was knowledgeable as well as well prepared for my myriad of questions and concerns.

I was sent on leave earlier than I intended due to the Covid-19 crisis and my worries shot through the
roof, through it all Alex was my rock. I was scared something would go wrong and I would have to end
up going to the hospital, exposing myself and baby to possible illness. Alex kept me calm and when the time came for me to bring my baby into the world I was more happy than ever I choose to birth at home, with Alex by my side.
Alex and Lisa (who assisted) are amazing! My birth was not easy but I felt safe and cared for the whole time. I never knew how incredibly strong those little power houses were, but they held my six foot frame with ease. I was able to have my wish to birth in the water and guide my son out and onto my chest. It was a hard and beautiful experience and I would not change a thing. Thank you Alex! You will always have a special place in my heart and in my family.



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