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Getting good info!

The internet is full of good information and some that's. . . not so great. Many pregnant folks turn to birth groups on social media sites which can be helpful in developing a sort of community but when it comes to accurate information, they can contain well-meaning advice yet miss the details of your health and the resources to back them up.. Any group that advocates a singular way or mentality is not likely to be in anyone's best interest.

Good health care is nuanced and personalized so it is hard to make choices based on community groups, though there may be avenues of information or resources that you can find through these sorts of groups. When it gets to the nitty gritty, use credibly sourced information.

There are some excellent resources online though that provide information without dogma. These tend to have references so you can follow the information to the original sources. One such site is Childbirth Connection. It provides information and guidance to help you make choices about your perinatal/maternity care, starting with planning a pregnancy but going into choosing a type of care provider, who that may be, choosing a place to give birth, and through postpartum.

Another great site is Evidence Based Birth  ®(EBB) founded and run by Rebecca Dekker who holds a PhD, is a nurse, and an excellent researcher. EBB® provides a wealth of information on many birth-related topics. There's also a podcast. I value there information so much, I became a EBB® Instructor.

 And since 1 in 3 births is by cesarean in the US, I have to share the International Cesarean Awareness Network, a group that works to improve rates of vaginal birth and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) while providing support and information for family-centered cesarean as well as recovering from cesarean. There are a host of other online resources I'll be sharing a page on this website with internet resources soon.

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